We Now Teach

Beginners & Pro’s – do better on skates!
Whether it’s your first time or you want to learn new skills, we have suitable packages for you.
Starting from 99 dirhams, contact us for info

SKT sessions – the new craze hits Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

We realised we weren’t only speaking for ourselves when we accepted the fact that we had run out of things to do! You name it, we had tried it.. and it was time to bring back this all time favourite childhood thing to… skate! And we forgot how happy it makes us!

To share the love, we have started arranging SKT sessions across Dubai – trust us, the city looks different on a pair of skates!

Join us at a SKT session – don’t worry if you don’t have skates. We come fully equipped with skates & protection gear!

What’s so great about quads?

Take yourself back to the 80’s with a pair of quads.

The ultimate lifestyle skates, we are bringing these back! And bringing them to the UAE!

Tri-skates are the new black.

Triskates can be used for any skating discipline – fitness, speed, off-road or urban!

Perfect for beginners – There are no limits to what you can do! Triskates help you to skate faster, skate longer, have more fun, be more agile and explore your limits.